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One evening in October, 1942, during the brutal Allied offensive against Rommel, while under heavy fire, in a moment of great courage, in the face of danger, Ernest Brough piggy backed a badly wounded German Soldier, over enemy lines, to a German hospital.

We need your help to keep their memory alive; spread the word of the importance of recording our return soldier’s stories and why its important.
These men and women have been fighting for our freedom for the last 50 years, lets return the favour.

Katrina Lawrence Pty Ltd team invited to capture visuals of preproduction filming of Teresa Vee + Francesca (Franky) Giaccari music clip
Presented at Charity Gala Evening Alannah and Madeline Foundation with special guest Sophia Loren 2015
Music Video Producer/Director John St.Peeters
Event Organiser (Director) Connie Paglianiti


TCA Partners Nationally Recognised purpose built training facility North Geelong.
While working with Chris Shay , Michel Runge and the TCA team, in a short space of time, became clearly evident, while the team may display an engaging calm nature, thereby encouraging personal confidence within participants,  let it be said, they take their responsibilities & training, seriously.
TCA partners services, delivering specialised hands on training in the energy & heavy industry sectors work activities, with real life industry scenario’s, with a straight forward risk management approach to safety in day to day business, projects and maintenance shutdowns.
TCA Training
  • Working at Heights
  • Constructions White Cared Fire Extinguisher
  • Confined Space & Vertical Rescue, Rescue LV Panel
  • Confined Space & Breathing Apparatus
  • OHS Awareness & Leadership



Each and every time I step inside Barwon Health, University Hospital Geelong, commissioned to work along side the dedicated medical, management and volunteer teams, to document various health care professionals, I’m continually impressed with their focus, addressing key challenges, in complex health care environments,

While at times, in exhausting moments,  medical staff, continue to genuinely demonstrate a true sense of compassion.

The environment is real.

We work in real time.

Katrina Lawrence Pty Ltd is privileged to be trusted to ensure we in-turn reciprocate with respect and professional attentiveness to the staff & patients and community, as the situation can change quickly.

I’ll be upfront.

Occasionally there’s some negative flack in the press.

Lets please take a step back & look deep, into a organisation, who provide exceptional health care within our community.

I encourage community to make time to understand, gain a good sense of the magnitude of what it takes with logistics, to manage and deliver health care services.

Please make time to read the Quality of Care Magazine to gain insight into ongoing commitment, finding solutions into improving healthy outcomes by improving systems to improve our lives:

Take for example:

  • ICU able to report zero central line associated blood stream infections (CLABSIs) over consecutive years.
  • ICU’s commitment to achieving world-class critical care and infection prevention.
  • Reducing wastage of blood and blood products during cardiac surgery by cardiothoracic surgeons BoZhang and Andrew Cheng together with nurses fLisa Stevenson and Anissa Yttrup.
  • Reducing waiting times for patients on their day of chemotherapy treatments within Andrew Love Cancer Centre.
  • Transition services providing a bridge between paediatric & adult health for young people with complex medical conditions and disability
  • Robotic system dispensing medications, first of its type to be installed in an Australian health service.

And the list goes on.

Having worked within the medical industry for 28 years, its without doubt, an absolute privilege to work along side, a cross section of medical, management and volunteers dedicated to improve community health.

Emergency Department

Refugee Health


Speech pathologists


Aged Care


Home Based Services


Mental Health

Wathaurong Aboriginal Health Services

Partnerships with Christ Church to protect vulnerable members of community against flu.

Thank you, working along side you all, is an education, and absolute privilege.


Breaking BAD – Shooting gloss black and chrome, without reflections, can put the fear of god into many diehard photographers , however our team took it in stride – rolled up our sleeves and got the job done!

Thanks to Dave O’Brien from Geelong Harley and Neale Brumby from Heavy Duty Australia’s number on Harley Magazine, we got down to tin-tacks, got on with the assignment, n made an awesome team


JESTAR will fly from Avalon Airport for at least another decade after clinching a ground breaking $26 million deal with the State Government and airport owner Linfox

Well done to Justin Giddings and the City of Greater Geelong and Daniel Andrews, for their consistency to secure future employment to our region, not forgetting incredibly easy passenger flight access, right on our doorstep.


Grand Lakes Estate Lara has taken top honours in the urban development industry’s annual Victorian awards for excellence.

The awards were presented to development manager Richard Bisinella in front of more than 700 people at the 20th UDIA Victoria Awards for Excellence at Crown Palladium on Friday 4th December 2105.

Katrina Lawrence Pty Ltd were commissioned by Bisinella, to create blue chip images to show case the estates natural beauty.

The environment is indeed serene. Wondering around the estate in the still of morning, prior to the sun rising over the horizon, gave me a trip down memory lane, listening to the gentle rhythmic serenades of the local frogs; as a child, elders shared how the presence of frogs, indicate a healthy environment.

Here’s to the frogs singing the praises of Bisinella’s attention to detail; creating a healthy environment and healthy community

VRCA’s Harbour Master, Captain Dilip Abraham, commissioned Katrina Lawrence, to document aerial images, of Seadrill Australia’s big West Telesto Oil rig, loading onto the Hawke HLV in Port Philip Bay

Geelong Port’s Tugs  (owned by Svitzer, permantenly stationed in Geelong) commissioned to tow the massive structure, and place seamlessly into position demonstrated Geelong has the skills to work on large structure

Thanks to Captain Peter McGovern and the exceptionally experienced team at VRCA Geelong, for logistics support during the assignment.

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