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Katrina Lawrence

With significantly broad experience across a 28 year career, Katrina Lawrence takes pride with her in-depth appreciation of culture, the industries she has worked in and her client values. From her initial introductory role into the photographic industry, Katrina has worked across national and international projects and has serviced a diverse range of roles for CRISO (Animal Health Laboratory), ASTA Military, Linfox, Victorian State Government, Department of Disability, the Department of Health and a significant list of others. Her roles for these industries are diverse, to say the least, from project technical direction for filming one of Geelong’s largest potential growth areas with areas of Indigenous significance (Wadawurrung), to aerial photography and documentation and being engaged to direct the first corporate video of ASTA military facilities and aircraft assets.

Regardless of her brief, Katrina Lawrence and her team, are passionate about developing relationships, consistently and attentively work to ensure utmost respect of values, customs and culture are appreciated and understood. Her technical know-how has played an invaluable role in broadening her experience on the field and continuous commitment to health and safety, the environment, diverse communities and human rights.

It is with this 28-year stretch of developed technical know-how, and will to understand her clients, that has placed Katrina Lawrence as a respectful – and respected – professional. This is endorsed by her clients, associates and highly credible professional history. Katrina’s career path has placed Katrina Lawrence in the prime position as a surveyor and spectator, which has led to the development of an online software solution to a gap she has seen in the Health and Safety sector – VIZtrak.